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Basic Tools of Digital Marketing

It has always been essential to have knowledge of the degree to which the consumer interacts with our brand, but a key point is to have statistics on the behavior of the entire environment that searches for something on the web.

Where, from computer, tablet or cell phone, how old are you, what are you looking for, sex, among other things.

Search engine advertising campaigns

Promote your website in search engines like Google through text ads created and Implemented through an advertising strategy.

Implementation of

Identify how customers search for your Internet service. An analysis of search terms is carried out and the most relevant are taken to prepare our Campaign.

Creating content for
Text Ads

Based on the most relevant keywords, the content of different text ads is made, thus ensuring its positioning on the internet.


Social Networks

Expand the scope of your business to social networks through specialized strategies in digital media.

Creation of Multimedia Strategies

We create the strategy that your business needs to grow on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, among others.


Image and Interaction in Social Networks

Make your business attract potential customers, creating a harmony between the designs and texts that are implemented in your social networks.


Monitoring and Adjustment according to Trends

Throughout the campaign the change of trends is studied and adapted for the benefit and development of your business


SEO positioning in search engines

Increase the Web positioning of your site in the Organic results of Google and other Search Engines.

Organic Positioning

Make your business appear in google when they look for it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Quality Keywords

Beat your competition through a list of quality keywords relevant to your market.


Optimization of your website

Get continuous traffic of potential customers on your website through constant updates.


E-mail marketing

Address your clients at the right time, communicate and achieve conversions in a much more personalized way through e-mails.

Email Marketing

Manage to increase your conversions with the help of personalized emails for your potential customers who have shown interest in your business.


Tracking Potential Clients

Through personalized messages an added value is given to the client which can generate a better conversion in the future.


Efficiency and Reliability

The design and speed of response of the emails will allow us to measure the level of audience that opens and reads them.


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